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Wednesday 16th April 2008 - Author: Adam

Clemente Padin

Amigas, amigos:
del 23 al 25 de este mes, Abril 2008, se llevará a cabo el Congreso "Conceptualismos al Sur" en el Museo Arte Contemporánea de la Universidad de San Pablo, Brasil, coordinado por Cristina Freire y Ana Longoni. Luego, participaré en una serie de eventos de poesía experimental y performance en Rio Claro y Santa Gertrudis organizados por José Roberto Sechi, cerca de San Pablo.

No sólo me hace feliz que me hayan honrado con la invitación sino que, también, tendré la oportunidad de reencontrame con mis viejos amigos de los 60s., sobre todo Felipe Ehrenberg y Paulo Bruscky, cuántas historias...!

Como su nombre lo indica se trata de ubicar la trayectoria del Conceptualismo en nuestros países. En lo que a mi respeta hablaré sobre mi propuesta hacia un arte sin objetos, un arte efímero que fuera sólo acción que llamé, en aquel momento, arte inobjetal y que fuera publicada por Julien Blaine en su editorial DOC(K)S con el nombre de: DE LA REPRESENTATION A L´ACTION, en 1976.

El libro puede leerse, en español, en la wegsite de César Reglero, También hay un par de notas en Escaner Cultural: , nros. 53 y 55.

Me encantaría encontralos allí pero soy consciente de las distancias y los tiempos.

Saludos fraternos,Clemente Padin

Tuesday 15th April 2008 - Author: Adam

epa sonidos

/|º-{^ L ^}-º|\
¡¡ \ º / | |

/|º-{^ L ^}-º|\
¡¡ \ º / | |

Monday 14th April 2008 - Author: Adam

GONE CITY gulsen bal

° Gone City, 19.4 - 22.6.2008

Bregenzer Kunstverein

18.4.2008, 19.00 - 21.30

Project curator: Gulsen Bal

Participant artist:

Ergin Çavuþoðlu
Esra Ersen
Hristina Ivanoska
Peter Mörtenböck & Helge Mooshammer
Þener Özmen
Nasan Tur

The project Gone City intends to explore an engagement of what it was discursively seen on the thick walls of the transformational processes to unfold the issues of 'tomorrow' within proliferation of approaches. This establishes a journey which forces long-hidden secrets into the open from emerging physical mobility and flows informing new ways of inhabiting and experiencing space in different localities. This also offers a way of mapping a "becoming beside oneself" where the production of culture's space/place laid at the door of 'other' worlds in motion. Often this compels us to rethink of what things are, includes how they become what they are. But, where is its echo heard?

The participant artists to this exhibition have been invited to present works that manifest a dynamical ground for having a deeper look at what possible is within the paradigm of the potentiality of the space or the structure within an inter-disciplinary creative realm.

A catalogue will be published featuring the Gone City by Gulsen Bal and Erden Kosova.

For further information see:

Also the MAGAZIN4 presents "Networked Cultures - The Bregenz Dialogues" in collaboration with the Vorarlberger Architektur Institut (vai) at Galerie Lisi Hämmerle / Bregenz on Thursday 17th of April 2008, 19.30.

Book presentation, film screening and discussion with Helge Mooshammer, Peter Mörtenböck, Gulsen Bal and STEALTH.

For further information see:

Please reply to:

Gulsen Bal
Director, Head of Development of Projects and Programmes
Open Space
Zentrum für Kunstprojekte
Lassingleithnerplatz 2
A - 1020 Wien

(+43) 699 115 286 32

Mit dem Open Space - Zentrum für Kunstprojekte wird
eine essentielle, nichtkommerzielle Einrichtung für zeitgenössische
Kunst geschaffen, die das Ziel verfolgt, eine Modellstrategie für
grenzüberschreitende und Regionen verbindende Projekte zu
erarbeiten und weiterzuentwickeln.

Friday 11th April 2008 - Author: Adam

Luis Gonzalez Palma

Tuesday 1st April 2008 - Author: Adam




Museum MAN since its genesis in 1997 has been involved in several international programs, including the Liverpool Biennial 2004/2006. MuseumMAN is most recently located in a tree house in the Dartmoor Forest of Devon, England, and still continues to manifest in the original apartment in Berlin where the belongings - scant, disbanded and discarded - of one man's life spell a history of the city in constant turmoil and flux. This core of belongings, photos, documents and souvenirs were the beginnings of the museum in 1997.

From October 2007/March 2008 museumMAN is taking residency in Chile .

MAN is by nature atomizing.
MAN is re-manifesting it's space both inner and outer.

From its core of a lived in Museum in Valparaiso MAN will stage a multitude of exhibitions, inner at Valparaiso and outer over a mass of venues and locales in Chile, proposing different dialogues, internally at Museum MAN Valparaiso and reaching out externally elsewhere. Alongside this dialogues from Museum MAN's archives of objects and documents will inform events and exhibitions in two external venues in Santiago: an extended limb of the lived in museum and its construct. Events are planned from Santiago, to the coastal plains of Chile, to Easter Island and beyond. The proposition is a reconfiguration of the exhibition of the artist based incentive that is MAN in three venues across Chile. From museum to gallery to museum.

Museum MAN remains organic in structure and in/formed and formless in construct. International and national artists' ideas will evolve, through intervention and as singular exhibitions manifesting in a collision and kaleidoscope of dialogues.


Museum Man presenta "Historia de la Desaparición", un archivo que da cuenta del arte performativo internacional desde 1970 a 1994, curado por Martha Wilson, Fundadora de Franklin Furnace. La muestra es parte de la colección permanente de MOMA - New York. Una serie de conferencias y encuentros se realizarán según programa para el archivo de memoria oral de este centro.

History of Disappearance includes works by a selection of major international artists including Patty Chang, Billy X. Curmano, Andrea Fraser, Karen Finley, Coco Fusco, Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, Tehching Hsieh, Ana Mendieta, Linda Montano, Matt Mullican, Claes Oldenburg, William Pope.L, William Wegman and Britta Wheeler

October 25 December 13 2007


-Metropolitana Gallery in Santiago where part of MAN´s collection will be exhibited,opening with the installation "Fragile and Ambiguous Nature " by Art Historian and critic Guy Brett. The space will be intervened by different local and international artists in a weekly base for a period of four weeks.An invitation will be extended to the local community around the gallery neighborhood to add to the growing installation over this period.

December 2007



- Valparaiso is where the kernel of the permanent collection will be housed in a world heritage city where local,national and international artists will exhibit.

January 20 March 31 2008

With many thanks to Victor Rogel Melipillan,the generous support of Carlos Silva and the faculty members of Universidad ARCIS Valparaiso,Axelia Tala (Santiago de Chile provincial)and Martino Margheri (Italy/Chile).

Isabel Garcia,Sebastian Vidal and Gloria Cortes Centro Cultural de Palacio de La Moneda,Galeria Metropolitana Santiago de Chile.

U.ARCIS Valparaiso

Universidad Diego Portales

Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda

Sydney University


The British Council


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